Thursday, May 29, 2008


Not much going on. Just ben laying low, doing a little bit of everything, and not a whole lot of anything. Not ben doing any Stand-up paddling, I have ben trying to take it easy on my back.
Sarah and I had a nice 35 mile road ride Memorial Day Sunday, followed by afternoon/evening sail. Grilled killer blue cheese burgers on the boat grill Sunday night. MOO! I worked on Monday, but I tried to get in a late afternoon windsurf session. The forecast was for the winds to build but it never happened and I ended up without a big enough sail.
Sarah, Mike D, and I had a good ride at Patapsco last night. The trails were in pretty good shape, but you can tell too many people had ben riding when things were wet.
Hard to believe that May is almost over. Let the summer games begin!!

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