Monday, May 5, 2008

Triathlon (Annapolis Style)

Stand Up. Ride. Sail.
What a great day off! Mark Saunders, Sarah, and I went for a 2 hour stand up paddle around Annapolis Harbor and Back Creek. Mark split for work, and Sarah and I hopped on the road bikes for a 35 mile ride. The usual loop through Annapolis, out St. Margaret's, College Pkwy, out the B&A, Severna PK, Old County and back to Annapolis. We stopped both out and back to watch an inning or two of Navy playing NY Tech. We also stopped for a few minutes at the Severna Park Model Train Museum Open house. The museum was really cool, but it was way too nice outside, to spent much time inside. Cruised the parking lot at Annapolis Yacht club looking for some old friends, but with almost 200 Opti sailors and their parents milling around, I never saw the people I was looking for. Another quick change of clothes, and then off to the boat. We put the sails on and had a nice two hour sunset sail. Sarah stuffed smoked cheddar and crackers down my throat while I steered. Play then Eat. Awesome

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