Monday, April 28, 2008


Actually, it is more like riding with a number attached to the bike. Yesterday I participated in the Greenbrier Challenge. I raced (rode) in the 50+ sport class. Yes... I will really be 50 this year. My race consisted of 2-five mile laps of single and double track, rocks, water, logs, mud and did I mention water. Several of the trails had streams flowing down the middle of them after Saturday nights heavy rain. Other than some shifting problems, I managed to finish the race without incident and despite my fears, I didn't finish last (14th out of 18). Close, but not last!

After cleaning up and changing clothes, Sarah, Mike(who did the Marathon Race), Christi, Cole and I hiked the course and watched the Pros and Experts race. Jeff Schalk won the Pro-Men's, and Theresa Richardson won Pro-Women's. Way to go T! Nice race.

It was fun to watch Matt Marcus, Gunnar, Doctor Betsy, as well as Jason Berry and the Gripped Film Crew rip up the course. Wednesday night compatriot Gil Brown looked strong, but he had his share of bike problems taking him out of the race.

After leaving Greenbrier (and since we were close to Haggerstown), Sarah and I hit one of our favorite Mexican joints on the way home. Tamales and enchiladas yummm. If anyone is paying attention, there is a common thread in this post. RIDE/PLAY then EAT!!

Mike D is already talking about the WV State Champs in Davis later this summer. If I do that one, I will have doubled the number of races I did last year. Hmmmm......a post race Pizza at Sirianni's would taste pretty good.

Pics: MB, Mike, Gil,

Friday, April 18, 2008


SUP Hatteras fall'07

What'z SUP?! It has taken awhile, but I finally got in a Stand Up session before work today. I put in on Back Creek and paddled for about 45 minutes. I used the shop's 11'6 Timpone. The built in deck pads are sweet. It was great not having to worry about waxing it up. I'm looking forward to comparing it to my Naish and my new Laird. I hope to christen the Laird sometime this weekend. Even though I was only out for a short time, I can feel my arms and shoulders stiffening up. I would complain about being really out of shape, but I guess "round" is still a shape.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

black is back!

My baby has a sexy new rear end. No....I'm not talking about Sarah. Yesterday afternoon I was able to pick the Fuel up from the BIKE DOCTOR with a brand new rear triangle. Thanks go out to Steve Ruck and his staff Brian and Brad for getting the warranty taken care of and getting my bike rebuilt so fast. Also, many thanks to TREK for standing behind their product.
It was a spectacular afternoon at Patapsco yesterday. Sarah and I rode the Farm Loop with Brian. The trails were in great shape. We kept crossing paths with Chris and Gil, who in Chris's words were " succeeding in kicking each others ass". The Wednesday night women's ride was out with a big crew, but we never ran into them on the trail. It is impressive how many girls show up every week.
As usual, I canceled out any positive heath effects of the ride by picking up a pizza on the way home.

Monday, April 7, 2008

doneboarding (*maybe)

Timberline Locals Cup
Closing Day

Got in the last turns of the season yesterday (maybe*). Sarah and I headed to WV after work Saturday to catch the closing day at T-Line.
Sarah, Christi, Mike, and I all raced the Locals Cup Slalom. Sarah and I both took home 3rd place in men's and women's snowboard divisions. Christi ( 1st time running the gates ever) finished 3rd in her women's class, while Mike finished just out of the money in a tough telemark class.
After the race, Sarah and I put the tele's on for a few runs, but conditions were rough, and we didn't have the same success as we did in Montana. We switched back to the boards and played until the the award ceremony.

In the words of Klaus Obermyer, "in the winter we play in the frozen snow, and in the summer we play in the unfrozen snow."

(*maybe) Sarah keeps making noise about an A-Basin trip next month.

Friday, April 4, 2008


First Wednesday night Patapsco ride. Also first mountain bike ride of the season. Ouch! I don't remember the hills being as long and steep. About as far away as we could get from the cars, my rear tire started rubbing the frame. My first thought was the skewer had come loose, but no.....turns out the carbon chainstay had decided to seperate itself from the bottom bracket.
Managed to limp out of the woods without messing up the tire or the bike.
Negated any positive healthy effects of the ride by heading to Pachanga's for an over stuffed Chimichanga. Cheese, Pork and Salsa, three of my favorite food groups.
Thursday, I got the bike up to my friends at the Bike Doctor. I got a call today and Trek has a new rear end coming my way. Great service. Thanks guys! Rumor is I might be doing a race later this month. I better get off my butt and ride.