Friday, April 4, 2008


First Wednesday night Patapsco ride. Also first mountain bike ride of the season. Ouch! I don't remember the hills being as long and steep. About as far away as we could get from the cars, my rear tire started rubbing the frame. My first thought was the skewer had come loose, but no.....turns out the carbon chainstay had decided to seperate itself from the bottom bracket.
Managed to limp out of the woods without messing up the tire or the bike.
Negated any positive healthy effects of the ride by heading to Pachanga's for an over stuffed Chimichanga. Cheese, Pork and Salsa, three of my favorite food groups.
Thursday, I got the bike up to my friends at the Bike Doctor. I got a call today and Trek has a new rear end coming my way. Great service. Thanks guys! Rumor is I might be doing a race later this month. I better get off my butt and ride.

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