Thursday, April 17, 2008

black is back!

My baby has a sexy new rear end. No....I'm not talking about Sarah. Yesterday afternoon I was able to pick the Fuel up from the BIKE DOCTOR with a brand new rear triangle. Thanks go out to Steve Ruck and his staff Brian and Brad for getting the warranty taken care of and getting my bike rebuilt so fast. Also, many thanks to TREK for standing behind their product.
It was a spectacular afternoon at Patapsco yesterday. Sarah and I rode the Farm Loop with Brian. The trails were in great shape. We kept crossing paths with Chris and Gil, who in Chris's words were " succeeding in kicking each others ass". The Wednesday night women's ride was out with a big crew, but we never ran into them on the trail. It is impressive how many girls show up every week.
As usual, I canceled out any positive heath effects of the ride by picking up a pizza on the way home.

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