Monday, April 28, 2008


Actually, it is more like riding with a number attached to the bike. Yesterday I participated in the Greenbrier Challenge. I raced (rode) in the 50+ sport class. Yes... I will really be 50 this year. My race consisted of 2-five mile laps of single and double track, rocks, water, logs, mud and did I mention water. Several of the trails had streams flowing down the middle of them after Saturday nights heavy rain. Other than some shifting problems, I managed to finish the race without incident and despite my fears, I didn't finish last (14th out of 18). Close, but not last!

After cleaning up and changing clothes, Sarah, Mike(who did the Marathon Race), Christi, Cole and I hiked the course and watched the Pros and Experts race. Jeff Schalk won the Pro-Men's, and Theresa Richardson won Pro-Women's. Way to go T! Nice race.

It was fun to watch Matt Marcus, Gunnar, Doctor Betsy, as well as Jason Berry and the Gripped Film Crew rip up the course. Wednesday night compatriot Gil Brown looked strong, but he had his share of bike problems taking him out of the race.

After leaving Greenbrier (and since we were close to Haggerstown), Sarah and I hit one of our favorite Mexican joints on the way home. Tamales and enchiladas yummm. If anyone is paying attention, there is a common thread in this post. RIDE/PLAY then EAT!!

Mike D is already talking about the WV State Champs in Davis later this summer. If I do that one, I will have doubled the number of races I did last year. Hmmmm......a post race Pizza at Sirianni's would taste pretty good.

Pics: MB, Mike, Gil,

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