Monday, April 7, 2008

doneboarding (*maybe)

Timberline Locals Cup
Closing Day

Got in the last turns of the season yesterday (maybe*). Sarah and I headed to WV after work Saturday to catch the closing day at T-Line.
Sarah, Christi, Mike, and I all raced the Locals Cup Slalom. Sarah and I both took home 3rd place in men's and women's snowboard divisions. Christi ( 1st time running the gates ever) finished 3rd in her women's class, while Mike finished just out of the money in a tough telemark class.
After the race, Sarah and I put the tele's on for a few runs, but conditions were rough, and we didn't have the same success as we did in Montana. We switched back to the boards and played until the the award ceremony.

In the words of Klaus Obermyer, "in the winter we play in the frozen snow, and in the summer we play in the unfrozen snow."

(*maybe) Sarah keeps making noise about an A-Basin trip next month.

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