Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I drove to Dewey Beach on Monday. The waves at Tower Road were almost nonexistent, so I took my Naish 11'6" Sup out for a paddle. I made it out with no problem and paddled up wind to the north end of the beach and then back down wind to where I started. The waves were not much more than ankle biters but I was able to catch them on the big SUP and get a few short rides. Fun fun!
The tide changed and the waves got a little bit bigger and after a few more trips on the Naish, I broke out the 9'6" Robert August and caught a more waves and rides.
I packed it up around 4 and headed back to Annapolis to meet Sarah on the boat. We had a great sunset sail, and with the exception of the Schooner Woodwind, we pretty much had the bay to ourselves. Keeping with the tradition of let's play then eat.......I finished my day up with a 1/2 rack of ribs from Red Hot and Blue.
On a more somber note, we heard that Christine's (of Dave and Christine) mom passed away. Sarah's and my thoughts are with you.
Also; RIP Bo Diddley .......who do you love............................

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