Monday, July 20, 2009

ben getting my mojo back

It has ben awhile, but I think my back and I are finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully it isn't a train coming the other way.
Last weekend I survived an easy bike ride on the B&A Trail with Mike, Christi, Cole, and Sarah.
This past Wednesday I had my first acupuncture treatment, and then against the advice of the therapist, I went windsurfing for an hour or so. I was afraid of hurting myself, so I really took it easy, still it was great to be out.

I have ben getting out for a few sessions in the morning on the SUP around Annapolis, and so far I don't feel too worse for wear. The new plebes are in town and the other morning it was fun to watch them do their morning calisthenics as I paddled past the Naval Academy. I'm pretty sure I was enjoying my morning workout more than they were.

I saw Mike and Heather out for a morning spin in the inflatable with their new pup Joshua. Josh is a very cool looking dog and he seemed pretty stoked to be out cruising around Annapolis Harbor. Aahh... a dogs life!

Yesterday Mark Saunders, Sarah, our new friend David, and I took off for a 40 miler through Crownsville. The hills were ugly, but considering I have barely ridden in the last month and a half, I was pretty stoked not to die. A bit stiff this morning, but so far so good.

I've got a few things to do this morning, but I'm thinking about and easy spin on the bike or a short paddle a bit later on.....maybe both. MOJO.

Tonight I'm signed up for a Therapeutic Yoga class. The description said " great for 1st timers or those recovering from injury". Sounds just like what the doctor ordered. Then again I've never exactly followed doctors orders!

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