Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WV Triathlon x 2 = Fun

Sarah and drove out to Canaan Valley early Sunday. We started the day on our telemark skis, then switched to our snowboards for the afternoon. After the chairs closed, we dove over to Whitegrass for an uphill ski on our X/C gear. Conditions down low were a little thin, but coverage got better the higher you climbed. We skied up to the Roundtop shelter, them made the mistake of skiing down 3-mile. Coverage was real thin on that side of the mountain and we ended up hiking a bit. All and all a great day. We had so much fun, we did it again at Timberline on Monday.

Sarah telemark @ Canaan

Mark telemark

Baldy from the Canaan Chairlift

Snowboarding is waaaay easier the telemarking!

Sarah rips on her snowboard!

Time for some uphill skiing at Whitegrass.

Happy Place

Roundtop Shelter

Not sure, but I think the small (tame) birds must be "Chipadees"

I Love Timberline

Sarah starts the climb up the slopes of Canaan ( I love her too)

Yea! I made it to the top.

Signs of a great day!

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