Monday, August 2, 2010

ben with friends

It has ben a great week with great friends.

Wednesday night, I met up with Christine Bechtel and Chris Perkins at Patapsco for the first time in a long time. Christine's husband had volunteered to stay home with the kids, and it was great to ride with her again. Back in the B.C (before children) she kicked butt on the bike. She still does!

Sunday, Sarah and I were joined by Iggy and Maureen for a wonderful day.
We started out with a 42 mile road ride.

Mo & Iggy ready to hit the road.

Mo, Sarah, and I caught at the Spa Creek Draw Bridge. Iggy sprinted and beat the gates!

After lunch, we went for a short late afternoon sail. Timing was perfect and we made back to the slip and got the boat put away just as it started to rain.

Crewman Iggy

Time to turn around and head for home!

After an already wonderful day, Chef Iggy (Iggy is in the USCG and is currently stationed in the White House kitchen) treated us to a spectacular surf and turf with mouthwatering Tenderloin and Tuna.


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Emily said...

So did Moe crush Iggy? :-) Sounds like a awesome weekend!