Thursday, June 3, 2010

ben wondering

ben wondering where the hell April and May went? I can't believe it is June.
Sarah and I usually go out west the end of March or the first part of April, but for numerous reasons, it didn't happen this year.
The highlight of April had to be an old girlfriends 50th Birthday Party. My friend Kathy and I dated back in 1982. Kathy lived in a house named Lofty Oak and it was the social hub of a group of us that called ourselves the Epicureans. We had a softball and a football team, but mostly we partied down. Kathy and I have kept in touch over the years and she has also kept in touch with her old roommates from Lofty Oak and most of the Epicurean gang. Kathy decided that her 50th would also be a great excuse for an Epicurean Reunion Party. The Epicureans came to party from all over the country. It was great to see everyone, Kathy, Dale, Kevin, Carol, Boom Boom and John, it was especially nice seeing my friend Greg from my old Backyard Boat days.
It was just a moment in time, but the memories were etched forever, and everyone who was part of it shares a special bond. It was awesome of Kathy to share her party with all of us. Here are a couple of pic's stolen from Dale.

Epicurean Ski Trip 1982

Kathy and Greg 198?

May was a blur. My plans to go to the Hatteras fell through. I did my first windsurfing race since 1997. I didn't win any races, but I sailed consistently enough to take 1st Place overall. Not bad for and old guy with a bad back!
Sarah and I managed to get in SUP sessions around Annapolis. Didn't get to the beach in May, but any time on the water is a good time.

Sarah, sunset paddle.

I had a limited number of road rides by myself or with Sarah, but haven't been on the mountain bike yet in 2010. I keep telling myself that if I can just wait a couple more weeks to give my back more time to heal, that I can ride the rest of the season and not end up back where I started.

just me and my shadow

We went to the airshow at Andrews AFB in May. They had a really good collection of WWII vintage planes on display and it was neat to see them sitting side by side with today's modern aircraft. The Blue Angels closed the show, and that is always fun to watch.

B -17

Freedom Flight: P-51 Mustang, F-16, and F-22 Raptor

Blue Angels

The shop started an SUP Race Series a couple of weeks ago. I got my ass kicked in the first race.

The guy who won is training for paddle around Manhattan. Mike Dant finished second. Former US Sailing team member and professional sailor Geoff Ewenson was third, and I followed a distant 4th. I could train harder.....or I could just buy a new race board.

My sweet new Limited Edition Jimmy Lewis Slice

Almost forgot to mention that Sarah and I got to see Neil Young at DAR Constitution Hall the end of the month. Simply incredible. The man is still rocking in the free world.

My friend MJ once posted on her facebook page "just threw the clock out the window to see if time really flies". I can assure her it really does.

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