Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ben lei'd

Aloha! Sarah and I got lei'd. No not that..... Sarah and I spent this past weekend with Mike and Christi in Canaan Valley for Timberline's Annual Snowy Luau. Tons of snow and warm weather was perfect playing in the snow aloha style. Sarah and I snowboarded to almost 7 on Saturday, and by the time we changed clothes and picked up pizzas, we barely made it back to T-Line for the Lava Parade and Fireworks. Sunday, Sarah and I played on the telemark skis in the morning and then switched to our boards in the afternoon. Mike entered the bump contest and finished 2nd despite a tumble.

Monday we x/c skied up the closed slopes of Canaan and in the woods of the Nordic National. Once again, plenty of snow, but there a couple of connect the dots sections. Sarah was having so much fun she ended up skiing right out of her boots. Fortunately with the aid of duct tape and Mike and Christi's backpack straps, she was able to make it back to where we started from.
A quick stop at Blackwater Falls and a garlic fix from Sirianni's before heading home.

Aloha Spirit @ Timberline

Mike & Tucker heading home from the mountain

We had Canaan Ski area all to ourselves.

In the words of Chip Chase " There is snow, and it has to be used."


Blackwater River

Blackwater Falls

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