Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day weekend

Sarah and I began our Sunday with an early morning paddle around Annapolis.

We headed up to Patapsco and met Chris for an afternoon ride. It was my first mountain bike ride of the season, and I felt really out of shape, but it was great to be in the woods riding.

In our absence we taped the Indy 500, and then stayed up way too late watching the replay. Way to go Helio!

We slept in Monday morning and then took off for a short road ride.

Attention Smokers...............the road is not your ashtray!

Sarah & I navigated the garbage on the roadways and headed out to Sandy Point State Park where the Memorial Day bar-b-ques were in full swing.

We rode back towards Annapolis and and stopped by the Maryland WWII Memorial.

To all that have served, and to all those still serving...................Thanks.
Happy Memorial Day.

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