Thursday, May 14, 2009

ben on the water

So far, 2009 seems to be (with all due respects to Robby, Laird, and all) the year of the waterman. Sailing, windsurfing, surfing, stand up, I just can't get enough.
It is hard to believe it is mid-May and I have barely been on my bikes. I have not even had the mountain bike out of the basement.
The bikes beckon, but Mother Ocean keeps calling louder.
I took two winter trips to Florida to surf. Sarah and I have already had the boat out several times. I have windsurfed in Annapolis a couple of times, and I had a killer windsurf/surf trip to Hatteras last week. I paddle my SUP before work every chance I get. I didn't get out this morning, I think I'm having withdrawals. I keep re watching the "Endless Summer" for the millionth time. Sarah's nephew Dan thinks we are going to Beaufort next month for his wedding. Really....I'm heading down there to surf or sail, it just happens I will stop by the ceremony and hit the reception for some free food!

It is windy today. I want to be on the water. It is calling . Unfortunately WORK is calling too. Better go.

I love playing in the frozen snow, but some reason, right now it is all about the unfrozen snow. I'm not going to fight it. Might as well roll with it.



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