Monday, April 13, 2009

got spring butt!

I thought about calling this "ben training", but two days of riding hardly qualifies. I could have called it "why is the seat so small, and my bike shorts so tight?" It could have been called " why did I have to ride the last mile standing up?" But(t) the bottom line (pun intended) is that after just over 20 miles yesterday with Sarah, and 28 miles this afternoon on my own, I have a grand case of Spring Butt. Oh the joys of pedaling ones bicycle in the spring. I guess it is a small ( well maybe not so small) price to pay for the great rides, challenges, and adventures that lay ahead this summer. Boy, it is hard to type standing up.

Speaking of challenges; much earlier this winter (in a display of machoism) I challenged a certain young lady to race against me in the sport class at the Greenbriar Challenge Mountain Bike Race that takes place in two weeks. I told her we could ride the course together and then sprint the last hundred yards to the finish for bragging rights. Loser buys pizza after the race. Christine........what do you want on your pizza????? If you want to race, I'm game. It won't be pretty. In fact I'm pretty sure it will be butt ugly.


It is hard to believe that just a week ago that we were playing in all that pow in Steamboat, but yesterday after going to Easter Services, I dusted off the windsurfing gear and got in a short session on the Severn River. It was gusty, puffy and shifty, but I got in a couple of good runs back and forth across the river. Water is still really cold and I worked hard not to fall in and keep my head dry.

Last weekend were playing in the frozen snow, this weekend we play in the un-frozen snow!

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