Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ben boarding

Last week Sarah and I wrapped up our snowboard season at Steamboat.
We checked into the Steamboat Grand Hotel and then took the shuttle back in to town to meet up with our friends Doug and Mary who had driven in from Ft. Collins. It started snowing on the way to dinner and pretty much didn't stop snowing until we left a week later.



17 more inches..... Holy Sh*#! Really Deep.

Sarah goes deep.

Sarah goes too deep! oops!!

The Grand.

Wednesday evening we soaked in the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Clothing optional after dark. We left just before sunset!

It stopped snowing just long enough on Friday for us to spend the day riding fresh groomed on the telemark skis. There were a ton of really good tele skiers on the mountain. Unfortunately we were not among of them. It started snowing hard (again) and by the time the chairs stopped running there was several inches of new snow on the mountain. Shucks!

Sarah surf'n more fresh on our final day.

Big fun near the big white trees.

Bye Bye time to fly.

The week went by incredibly fast. We have never had that many powder days in a row.
I ate too much food at the the breakfast buffet, my quads are burning, my knees are killing me (and look like grapefruits), but mostly all the muscles in my face still hurt from all of the big smiles from the trip. Can't wait til the next time.

Powder Rules!

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