Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ben(reading blogs)

I have some very cool friends. The list is long, and I am a very lucky man. Some of my friends have great blogs, and reading theirs is what inspired me to do my own.

Jason Berry is one of my windsurfing customers, he is also a film maker. His company Gripped Films has produced "Off Road To Athens" and "24 Hour Solo" both award winning, full length mountain bike films. Jason has been in Alaska filming for the Alaskan Wilderness League in an effort to protect the Tongass Rainforest. The pictures and the stories about the shoot on his blog are amazing. I can't wait to see his finished project. In the meantime check out
www.jason-berry.blogspot.com, it will blow you away. While there is no one answer to the problems facing the environment, if we all try just a little bit, maybe we can make a difference. I'm sure Jason will.

I saw this on a bumper sticker in Hood River.
"the world is run by people who show up"

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