Monday, August 25, 2008


I love to travel, but I always like coming home to Annapolis. It is not the quaint little sailing town that I moved into over 20 years ago, but it is still a pretty cool place to live. I was off from work yesterday, and I felt like I finally got my grove back after last weeks trip to Oregon.
Yesterday Mark Saunders, Mike Dant , and I did a road ride in the morning. Sarah is still nursing her injuries from last weeks crash, so she did a short loop with Tammy and Kevin. The six of us left Eastport together, and we all got hung up in the Annapolis 10 mile run. Once we got clear of the race, Saunders started hammering (something about burning up chocolate cake) , it was all Mike and I could do to keep up and it didn't take long before we lost Sarah's group. About an hour in, Mark had to split so he could go to work. Mike and I rode out to Crownsville and back to Severna Park together. I finished up solo at just under 46 miles.Sarah threw together a couple of sandwiches and it was off to the boat. Iwindsurf was not calling for much breeze, but once we we out in the bay it was blowing in the upper teens. We sailed over to the east end of the Bay Bridge, then down the bay to Thomas Point Light, and then back home. As we were heading back up Whitehall we saw one lonely windsurfer ripping it up. I was envious that I was not out with him, but Sarah and I still had a great afternoon on the water.

It is pretty cool that I live somewhere that I can ride in the morning and sail in the afternoon.
If it would just blow like yesterday all the time..........

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