Monday, November 28, 2011

Ben missing in action. A note from your blog

Dear Mark,
I can't believe I've ben neglected since March. It's not like you haven't ben doing anything fun the past 8 months or anything. I know it was snowing too hard to take pictures in Tahoe, but you could have least blogged a bit about being stuck up to your ya ya's and having to hike out when you made a wrong turn. A couple sentences about that sweet bowl at Kirkwood, or maybe that tree stash at Heavenly would have ben nice, but no, no love for your blog.

What about the SUP race in April? Sarah even took some pictures that you could have posted. What up with that?
Speaking of SUP, you paddled you ass off, and you didn't even let people know that you had "benboarding" and how much fun you were having this summer. You even got in a couple of surf trips, and I was ignored.
Too bad you couldn't afford to go to Maui for the Olukai Race. Maybe you would have written about a trip to Hawaii.

You and Sarah had a bunch of nice sails on the boat this summer before the motor died, I'm sure you could have found something fun to blog about.

The Wednesday night mountain bike rides at Patapsco, you usually blog some about that. What about the race in Canaan, or the fall camping and mountain bike trip. Am I not worthy?

You had a killer trip to Hatteras this fall, and still no pictures, no nothing.

We used to have fun going back and looking at the pictures of your friends and the cool places that you've ben. 2011 is almost over and you've got one lousy post. (I'm not counting POWPOW)
Your friends Jason, Sue, Spring, Jeremiah and Suzie have kept their blogs up to date. What is your excuse?

By the way, who is this bitch Facebook that you've been spending time with? Facebook is nothing but a quickie, no love, no substance. Wham Bam and before you know you are day old news.

I'm willing to forgive you for the lack of attention, and I'm even willing to share you with that Facebook bitch if I have too. All I want is a little update from time to time.

Your friend,

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