Monday, November 30, 2009

ben on the bay

Not many days left. Maybe none at all. Every day on the water might just be the last one 'til spring. You never know.

Thanksgiving Day, Sarah and I usually go for either a mountain bike or road ride so as not to feel too guilty before the holiday feast. We awoke to fog and drizzle, so rather than climb into bike clothes, we opted for wetsuits and paddled the SUP's around Annapolis. There was not a breath of wind and the water was total glass. Not exactly the workout I needed, but it was fun to be on the boards. We came home and I made Oyster Stew to warm our toes and begin the excess calorie loading. Several hours later I served up a apple wood smoked turkey and all the fix'ns. Thankful for everything we have, and all of our friends. Thankful my shorts had an elastic waist. Too much food, but.....yummm.

Fast forward to Sunday. I started my day out with a 38 mile road ride in hopes of burning off some of those Thanksgiving calories. I came home, grabbed Sarah and took off to the boat for what was our last sail of the season. We had more wind than I expected, but it wasn't too cold and we had a couple of nice hours on the Bay before getting back to the slip just before dark. Other than some trips back over to winterize the boat, I guess we are done with her for the season.

Awoke Monday to the forecast of rain. I had thought about going to the beach, but I just couldn't motivate. I climbed into the wetsuit and paddled the SUP ( in the rain) for an hour and a half. I paddled up the creek across the street from the house and looked at all the boats tied up in their slips. I thought about how I was surrounded by literally thousands of boats, yet I had the Bay completely to myself. Pretty cool.

Before long, I will be playing in the frozen snow, but in the meantime, there might just be another session on the unfrozen snow. Just maybe.

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