Monday, November 24, 2008

ben longtime gone

I rode my mountain bike at Patapsco yesterday. I have been a longtime gone. I can't remember the last time I rode my mountain bike. I think it might have been the 1st part of October. It hurt so good. It was cold (40 degrees) but with bluebird skies, it was a great day to be in the woods. I had not been on the bike for more than 5 minutes when I ran in to Theresa and Chris Richardson from the Bike Doctor in Waldorf. Theresa races pro for Cannondale . It got me thinking how cool it is that there are not many sports that pros and recreational participants can be on the same field of play at the same time. Not that I would want to, but I'm probably never going to be on the field at Ravens Stadium at the same time with Ray Lewis. At least when a pro biker blows by me, the only thing usually crushed is my ego ( they are so fast and I am so slow). If I ever met Ray, I've got the feeling lots of other things would end up getting crushed!
I love to sail and windsurf. I'm having a great time learning to surf and stand-up. Snowboarding is awesome, but I can't imagine life without the bikes. Whether it be Patapsco or Canaan. Moab Utah, Helen Georgia or Monterey California, the bike has taken me some really cool places. The friends I've made through bikes.......incredible.
I have been a longtime gone, but man, it felt good to be back.

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