Thursday, October 9, 2008

ben (hanging out)

A lot of nothing going on since the last entry. Shortly after returning from Florida last month I caught a cold. I coughed real hard and tweaked something in my back. I could barely move for a week.
Two days after I blew up my back, I missed one of the best windsurfing days of the year. I don't know which hurt worse, my back or not getting to sail. I bought an inversion table, I've made a bunch of visits to my chiropractor, gotten a couple massages and I'm finally getting my mojo back. $$$. Yeah!
My back was still pretty stiff last Sunday, but Sarah and I went out for a mellow 30 mile bike ride, followed by a late afternoon sail. It is hard to believe the fall is upon us and there won't be many days left to use the boat. We stopped in downtown Annapolis and had an enjoyable dinner at Aqua Terra. I had three mini crab cakes. One was Asian style, one was Chesapeake style, and the other Thai. Yum! Sarah had Scallops, Lobster rolls, and something else. Lets play then eat.
I spent Monday morning on the massage table, and then followed it up with a 35 mile ride. I thought about an evenning stand up session, but I decided to take it easy on my back.
It was windy yesterday, and I blew off the Wednesday night mountain bike ride and went windsurfing. Leo and I had a sweet session off of Greenbury Point and Whitehall. It was blowing about 18 and I was lit on my 125 board and 6.5 sail. I was rusty and my gibes and feeble jumps weren't pretty, but it was still a whole lot of fun. We sailed for a couple hours before heading in. I can feel it today but I think my back survived.
The Annapolis Sailboat Show starts today. I think I will try to do a dawn patrol on the SUP and check out the show from the water before work on Friday.


pic: Sunday Sunset

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