Thursday, July 3, 2008

ben(on the water)

Can't believe June has come and gone. Only five more months to go before we are playing in the frozen snow again . Yeah! This past week has found me playing in the unfrozen snow. Sarah and I went for a 35 mile road ride Sunday morning. The forecast was for strong thunder storms all afternoon, so we decided not to take the boat out. By late afternoon it was obvious that the weather man was wrong, so I busted the Kona out of the trailer and got an evening windsurfing session in. Nothing wild, just a nice 2 1/2 hour sail on the longboard.

Tuesday night was my turn to lead the weekly East of Maui Stand up Paddle Demo. It was a bit windy and it looked like it was going to storm, but I got in a two hour paddle with a couple of customers. We had a brief rain shower, and it looked like there was a good T-storm to our south. The sun popped back out and we were treated to several rainbows on the horizon. Pretty cool. My customers called it a night, and Sarah joined me for 45 minute sunset session. We paddled up into Annapolis Harbor, and then back out around Horn Point. After almost 3 hours of paddling, my arms were toast. I could barely carry the board back to the house!

I'm still without a mountain bike, and rather than ride the road, I blew off riding Wednesday night, and Sarah and I went out for an evening sail. When we first got out on the Bay it was blowing 18-20 and I was sort of bummed that I had not gone windsurfing. Within an hour the wind had backed off to 12-15, and we had a great sail into the harbor, then back out across the Bay, and then back to the slip in Whitehall. No rainbows , but we had a great sunset over Annapolis.

None of my adventures were epic, but it was great to be out. There is just something about being on the water, using the wind, your body or a combination of both that makes you feel good. Sarah and I are lucky to have such a great playground right in our back yard. We love the mountains and we love the snow, but for now, we will enjoy the bay, the beach, and the unfrozen snow.


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